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The success of quality management depends on the motivation and involvement of employees and management.

I believe in: sound implementation, structuring, continuous improvement and the power of quality management.

My communicative skills, enthusiasm and ease make me a valuable consultant on any level in your organization. My accessibility is a valued competence in my work as a consultant and auditor as it helps me turn the natural hesitance and resistance towards change into the indispensable support.

I am: pragmatic, involved, enthusiastic, critical, analytical, flexible, and employable in any sector or organization.

As a senior consultant in quality management and process management I have worked, amongst others,  in the transportation sector (in national projects for the railways as well as road construction), the energy sector, the police academy, insurance companies and the government. I am a certified lead auditor with extended experience in internal-, external- and supplier audits.

In my LinkedIn profile you will find more information about my projects:

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